Here are some places that are very popular amongst Coloradans: the Rocky Mountains, Little Man Ice Cream, Boulder’s Flatirons, Manitou Incline, Coors Field, Washington Park, and Bonnie Brae. These are all locations that I have visited, in which, I love each and every one of them. However, I wonder if you have heard of Red Rocks Amphitheater? If you live in Colorado, and especially in the Denver area, I would be shocked to hear of your unfamiliarity with this place. Anyways, whether you know about Red Rocks Amphitheater or not, that’s where these awesome bridal photos were taken! 

If I do say so myself, this bride is breathtaking! Trust me when I say that I was not the only one who thought so either. As I was taking photos of this bride, there were many bystanders also taking pictures, gawking, and telling her “congratulations”. In which, I am happy that everyone was just as amazed as I was when this gorgeous bride stepped in front of the camera. 

“I’d rather wear a flower crown around my head than diamonds around my neck”

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