10 Must Have Wedding Photos

As a Denver wedding photographer, Abby Stockton has captured countless special moments between couples. But being a wedding photographer involves more than just snapping a few pictures of the wedding party! Your wedding day will fly by. The reason that couples cherish their wedding photography so much isn’t just because it captures the moment you and your partner got married. Wedding photography captures all of those little details you forgot during the craziness of the big day.

As your event photographer, Abby ensures that the smallest details and the biggest moments are immortalized in beautiful photographs. Below, we’ve created a checklist of all the special events and details you’ll want your photographer to capture on the big day!

The Must-Have Event Photos

Getting Ready

From the groom straightening his tie to the bride getting her hair and makeup done, ‘getting ready’ photos are always fun to look back on. They capture the final moments before you join your partner in marriage and are an essential part of any wedding album.

The First Look

This might be the first time you’ve seen your partner dressed to the nines, and the idea of a groom seeing their bride for the first time is something that has been ingrained in our minds since childhood. While some wedding traditions are dying off, the tradition of a “first look,” whether it is pre-ceremony or as the bride is walking down the aisle, will never go out of style. Make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture the moment!

Candid Moments

The best wedding photographers know how to capture sweet moments by being a fly on the wall. Our wedding photographer always keeps her eye out for those private moments between you and your partner and is sure to snap a picture when they happen.

The First Kiss

Perhaps the most iconic wedding photo of all, the first kiss seals the deal during a wedding ceremony. To get the most out of this photo, make sure to speak with your officiant beforehand and ask them to step to the side (out of the frame) before the first kiss.

The Important Dances

The first dance and any dances with parents will become cherished memories, and your wedding photographer is sure to capture these.

Don’t Forget About The Details

The Rings

Hopefully, both spouses will have their rings safely on their fingers for the rest of their lives to look at, but a beautifully detailed shot of a pair of wedding rings is one to cherish. While you can always look down at your ring, seeing the high-definition detail of a set of rings blown up on a canvas print makes the symbolism of wedding rings come to life.

The Bouquet

Bouquets are an important part of any wedding. Unfortunately, they also die within a couple hours of the ceremony. While some couples choose to dry out their bouquet and hold on to it as a keepsake, it will not retain its color and vibrancy. Have your wedding photographer take some detailed photographs of your bouquet while it’s still fresh.

Wedding Favors And Food

It’s the little things that sometimes mean the most. You’ve put a lot of work into your wedding. The last thing you want is to look back in ten years and not remember what those wedding favors you spent hours making looked like!

The Cake

Whether you spent an arm and a leg for a wedding cake or your grandmother made you one from scratch (or somewhere in between), you’ll want to have pictures to remember this important detail.

The Venue And Decorations (Before The Guests Arrive)

Before the guests show up, your wedding venue and reception hall will likely be in pristine condition. Within minutes of the guests arriving, there will be half-empty drink glasses on the tables, chairs will be in disarray, and a few curious kids might end up playing with the centerpieces. Make sure your wedding photographer captures all of the beauty before the fun starts.

Choose A Denver Wedding Photographer To Capture Every Last Detail

On your wedding day, you want to make sure you have a photographer you can trust to capture all of the special moments and beautiful details. A lot of work has gone into planning an event that will only last a few hours, but with the right photographer, those memories can last forever. Abby Stockton specializes in capturing organic moments and provide you with wedding photography that captures not only how your big day looked, but how it felt. Get in touch with Abby today to inquire about her wedding photography services!