Choosing who you want to photograph your proposal, engagement, and your wedding is a huge deal. For the rest of your life, these images are ones that you are going to frequently look at and share with others around you. That being said, I hope that you feel as confident in my abilities as I do when you decide to choose a professional photographer. You will never receive images less than stunning, captivating, or authentic when you choose Abby Stockton Photography. I can’t wait to assure you of my promises as we begin working together.

I am thrilled to offer proposal and engagement photography, wedding videography and photography, and well as newborn and pregnancy photo shoots, family photos, senior portraits, and more.

I am most often found in the Denver area as a photographer for weddings and events, but will happily travel to the nearby cities and throughout Colorado for your special day or photo shoot!

Fill out contact information for videography inquiries and quotes.