1. Flower Garden Proposal in Fort Collins, CO

    Thus far, Summer in Colorado has been extremely cold. In the middle of May there was a huge blizzard and 9 inches of snow happened to cover my front yard. Well, it's the end of June and a torrential downpour was in the forecast on the day of this proposal. However, there was no way that this engagement was going to get canceled. By the time Kyle and Kate arrived,  it was supposed to be thundering…Read More

  2. Colorado Paint Mines Engagement

    Hands down the most adventurous shoot of 2019! Enjoy these gorgeous photos that were captured at the Colorado Paint Mines. Who knew that this awesome geological wonder was hidden in the eastern plains of Colorado. .…Read More

  3. Colorado Mountain Engagement Photoshoot

    Most recently I did a mountaintop couple shoot. In between Denver and Idaho Springs is one of Colorado's finest lookout spots. The lookout used to be hidden gem that only locals knew about. However, it is now a hub for tourists and people looking to take advantage of the established area. You can drive to the top of the mountain, or you can hike a number of trails to reach the top. For the purpose…Read More

  4. Castlewood Canyon Engagement

    Something amazing about being a professional photographer in Colorado is that there are so many unique areas to do photoshoots. In between Denver and Colorado Springs, there is this amazing canyon that offers natural and diverse scenery. The versatile scenery of this particular wilderness included tall pine trees, gorgeous canyon formations, rolling hills, and so much more. - If you can’t tell a…Read More